Order Now Dog Chest Leather Harness for Doberman Training


Order Now Dog Chest Leather Harness for Doberman Training
The Leather Chest dog harness adjusts to fit your dog as he grows and changes.
This Chest Leather dog harness for Doberman does not restrict the air flow of the dog in any way.
This is an extremely important feature on a tracking harness during long tracks where the dogs need all the help they can get.
In fact this is the main difference between an agitation harness.
The Dog Chest Leather Harness for Doberman has a padded breast plate to cushion the dog when it hits the end of the line while doing protection work/training!

Handmade exclusively by our craftsmen.
This Dog Chest Leather is adjustable in few ways so you can use it while your dog gains more weight or goes on diet or becomes bigger with age.
Adjustable on front neck straps.
Adjustable on strap which goes around the chest, we used solid brass extra strong quick release buckle so you can easily put this harness on and off your dog
every time you go for walking.

Adjustable also on strap which goes under the belly between front legs to avoid rubbing behind front legs.
General “Woof” Tip: Please note that there are many imitations and fake products available at other

websites which do not answer to high quality standards.